Sttranraer Folk Club held its first AGM post-covid in the Fitba’ Bar, Stranraer, on Wednesday the 22nd of June.

The meeting was well attended and a lively discussion took place regarding our current situation and as to how we might move forward. Cathy Frank, who has ably led the club for so many years, has unfortunately decided that the time was right for her to step down as she is currently in the process of selling her house. It is almost impossible to find words to thank Cathy for her unstinting loyalty and devotion to the club but we are thankful that she will still be around locally for a time yet and will always be a treasured friend to the club.

A full summary of the minutes of the AGM will be posted soon but the new committee elected to take the club forward was as follows: David Morrison (Chairman), Kip Kippax (Vice Chairman), Lesley Grainger (Secretary), Pat Lewicki (Treasurer), Mark Mitchell, Catherine Makepiece, David Pride and Piotr Lewicki.