As discussed in part at the AGM it is generally felt that the club needs to become more pro-active in interacting with local groups/individuals who have similar musical tastes to our own.

With that in mind it is our intention to help promote local events (that don’t clash with our own club nights) as you can see in the “Forthcoming Events” box to our right.

Recently a group calling themselves the Shanty Singers have been getting together in in the Ship Inn at Drummore. They have a couple of practices and an performance night coming up and it would be great to see some of our members pop in and listen. Each of their events in Drummore is on a Tuesday  at 7:30pm starting on the 28th of June followed by the 5th and the 13th of July. They also have a concert at the St. Ninian’s Hall in the Isle of Whithorn on Sunday the 10th of July at 7pm. Entry at all of these events is free.

On the first Sunday of each month there is a cracking session at the Kings Arms Hotel in Ballantrae starting at 7:30pm. This is one of the friendliest sessions that you will find and the musicians are excellent. Do yourself a favour and take the short drive up there, you won’t regret it.

Likewise there is a well established session in the village hall at Port Logan on the last Saturday of every month (June excepted) starting around 7:30pm. Again you are in for a great night out if you make the effort to attend.

Finally we have Newcastleton Traditional Music Festival this coming weekend quickly followed by Newton Stewart and Minnigaff Traditional Music Festival the following weekend, 8-10th of July.